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Of all the snoring solutions, no one solution works for everybody but amongst these pages I'm sure you'll find one that works for you. With all the jokes and puns made about snoring, it's easy to laugh it off...

But been woken from a deep sleep, either by a partner’s elbow or the sound of your own snorts and gags is...

Well you know what I'm talking about. Snoring is embarrassing at best and a sign of serious health issues at worst. Once you begin snoring you wonder how it ever started and if you can ever stop.

You can...

Quite simply snoring is caused when the breathing airflow interacts with the structure of the air passages, causing vibrations that are heard as snoring. Energy from the airflow is converted into noise. There are two factors involved in snoring; the energy in the airflow and the structure of the air passages.

Most snoring aids focus on only one area and then often only in a limited capacity and that is why any one solution doesn’t work for everybody. Holistic snoring cures look at all the contributing factors that affect the energy in your breathing and the firmness or elasticity of the air passages and by addressing these factors, the snoring is eliminated. Although it sounds complicated this doesn't have to be a long and difficult process.

snoring solutions

Whether snoring is continually ruining your sleep or is just an occasional pest then this site is here to help. Take the time to explore the pages. The aim is to help You find the right snoring solution for You.

After a time many snorers become resigned to a life of snoring. They may try one snoring solution without success and become so disheartened they just give up. But if you persist, when you find the right solution and look back, you wonder why you didn’t do something sooner, or at least I do. You may even see the problem in a new light.

In most cases snoring is a result of a combination of contributing factors and is rarely solved with a quick fix. However you may only be one small change away from extinguishing your snoring problem.

This website has been designed and arranged so the information on any given page can be read and understood in a stand alone fashion. We have tried to put the information in plain language and where appropriate have included references to supporting research. To access useful information on this site you don’t need to start at the beginning, but you can start looking where you want and not where someone else thinks you should. This does lead to a little repetition on some pages, but I hope you appreciate the logic.

Enough said, lets get moving... you might want to start with the Snoring Treatments Guide to get you heading in the right direction.

Or if you think one of the categories listed in the menu maybe helpful feel free to jump straight in.

We're continually adding to the site so go to our Snoring Blog page to find out what's been added or updated on the site in the last month or try the Latest News page to find the latest snoring news and reviews from around the world.

The content provided on this site is for information purposes only, intended to raise the awareness of different snoring solutions and should not be considered medical advice. For medical diagnosis and treatment, please see your qualified health-care professional.
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The Cause of Snoring
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Is it Snoring?
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Is Snoring a Diabetes warning sign?
Is Snoring a Diabetes warning sign? Snoring alone isn’t a sign of diabetes and indeed there is no formal link between snoring and diabetes but snoring could still be a diabetes warning sign.
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Snoring Feedback
Give your snoring feedback. Found a solution that worked for you or want to know what has worked or not for others then this is the page for you.
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Snoring SiteSearch
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