The Best Anti Snoring Device

A question I am often asked is,

"What is the best anti snoring device"?


"Is there a snoring silver bullet?"

My normal answer is in fact a question, or a series of questions about that person’s personal situation, and I go from there.

Unlike other pages on this site, where we have endeavoured to lead snorers to the best solution for them, here I’m going to give you the snoring silver bullet.

The solution that will work in most cases for most people. One that you don't have to read endless pages to get to, and don’t have to think about too much: just do it. This silver bullet is a three pronged attack.

So here it goes quick and dirty without too much explanation.

1. A chin strap (opens in a new window) or something similar. It will support the jaw, stop the tongue falling to the back of the throat blocking your airway and it will promote nasal breathing, essential for long term snoring relief.

2. Snoring exercises that will help with all the above and will allow you to dispose with using the chin strap over time.

3. Some basic lifestyle changes including getting on a balanced diet. You don’t have to lose wieght. Eating in a healthy manner has an immediate effect before any weight loss/gain. A diet with a balanced mix of good carbs, good fats and good proteins (approx 40%, 30%, 30%) is recommended although many people have reported immediate success with the ketonic diets (Aitkens, X-Syndrome, Low Carb).

Our Stop Snoring page best expresses the underlying theme to this whole site. If you want to understand all the underlying reasons for the above recommendations by all means surf this site and you’ll find more indepth information behind why you snore and what you can do about it.

Here's to a quiet night sleep!

List of other anti snoring devices

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