Nasal Breathing Aids

These nasal breathing aids are all designed to make it easier to breathe through the nose. If you already breathe through your nose, at night with no difficulty, then these aids are not likely to help your snoring and you would be best to look at something that supports your jaw and helps stop your jaw and tongue falling backwards and blocking the airway.

But if you are a mouth breather then these aids can help, especially at the beginning of making the change from mouth breathing to nasal breathing.

You can greatly increase the success of these breathing aids if you also combine them with a concerted effort to change your breathing pattern to nasal breathing, both through the day and the night. This may include doing some breathing exercises, taping your mouth shut at night or using a head wrap to stop your jaw from falling open during the night. These aids can help but you still have to make the change.

Before looking at the aids below I suggest you look at our page on how to clear a stuffy nose . It is easy to do and costs nothing.

Nasal strips - These nasal breathing aids are the most popular of this type aid. They are similar to a bandaid strip with the addition of one or two embedded flat plastic bands. The strip, once applied across the nose, pulls the nasal passages open making it easier to breathe. You may have seen these strips worn by some athletes to aid nasal breathing while playing sport.

Nasal brace - These are devices that are inserted internally into the nose, holding the passages open to aid your breathing.

Nose clips - As the name suggests, Nose clips attach to the nasal septum. The part that seperates your two nostrils. The theory is that the clip exerts pressure on the trigeminal nerve in the septum, causing a dilation of the nasal passage.

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