Snoreless Contour Pillow

The Best Home Remedy for Snoring

Back when I was snoring my head off and someone offered me a great home remedy for snoring, I listened to them. I didn’t always try the remedy… I mean some sounded just too silly, but I did listen.

I’m sure you’ve heard about sewing the ball to the back of your pajamas to keep you off your back. Well...

I haven’t tried it. Have you ever slept on an old mattress. Slightly lumpy, only to wake feeling like you've been in a fight. That's how I imagine that sleeping with a ball stuck to your back would feel like. No thanks!

I have however, tried one concoction. Not all of them, only the one. It was a honey based idea that was supposed to lubricate the throat to reduce your snoring. I never had a worse night sleep. After that I became very cautious about any home remedy for snoring.

When someone gives me a suggestion now, the first thing I ask is, “have you tried it?” If the answer is, “No but …” I don’t even listen.

However there is one home remedy for snoring I would like to share.

Get a good firm pillow that fits you properly. I used to have my favorite rag that I slept on. It was more like a rag than a pillow. It was flat and old.

But then my wife bought me a new contoured foam pillow. I wasn’t too impressed at the time. I thought what a waste of money.

I don’t know the brand as I’ve had several similar models since. There are lots of different types so I wouldn’t suggest a particular one but do get one that fits.

I am 6 foot 2 inches tall and have quite broad shoulders (or so my wife says). I now have quite a deep pillow so when I lie on my side my head doesn’t drop down but is in line with my spine.

This didn’t completely cure my snoring but it did help and at the time it reduced my snoring noticeably. I think there are a couple of reasons for this. Because the pillow was deeper, I was more comfortable sleeping on my side than on my back. When I slept on my back I felt as though my head was sticking way up in the sky. It was uncomfortable. And because of the slight contour in the pillow I found that the pillow seemed to support my jaw, stopping it from falling open. If I did wake from snoring, I often found my head had slipped off the pillow.
It took a couple of weeks to get used to. I actually had to learn how to sleep on a contour pillow . I only stuck with it because my wife had already thrown out my old pillow. At first I still wanted to sleep on my back. This may have been because my legs were uncomfortable sleeping on each other. And I found my self rolling from side to side a lot during the initial nights.

I now sleep with a small pillow between my knees and I rarely sleep on my back. I'm sleeping better than I ever have.

This may not be the home remedy for snoring you were looking for but it’s the best I’ve come across.

Snoreless Contour Pillow

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