Prevent a Snoring Partner's
Restless Nights

How do you prevent a snoring partner from ruining their sleep and your sleep? I have been asked this question many times and to be honest, there is little you can do without your partner's co-operation. But...

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Maybe these tips can help.

Snore, I don't snore!
Understand where your partner thinks they are. When I was a snorer, my wife was the first to let me know. I didn’t realize how bad the problem was. After all I slept through most of it. I always thought that my wife was just a very light sleeper. I didn’t really snore, I was just a loud breather, or so I thought.

If your snoring partner is in denial (or they think, its just not a problem, like I did) maybe they need to hear themselves. Try recording them. You can use a sound activated cassette recorder that starts recording when it detects enough volume, or better still download a snoring app for your smart phone and use that.

    Snorers often take the condition very lightly but it can be serious. Snoring has been linked with

    • Day time wariness and irritability
    • Poor concentatration and attention
    • Sleep Apnea: a serious condition where snorers stop breathing
    • Higher rates of motor vehicle accidents (seven times for sleep apnea sufferers)
    • High blood pressure and heart conditions

    And recent research by Dr. Chris Alford, of the University of the West of England revealed that almost two-thirds of people complain that their partner keeps them awake by snoring. Some even said their partner regularly kicked them in their sleep. More than half of couples questioned admitted that they would have a better night's sleep alone, rather than with their partners. So what to do?

    Introduce a Solution.
    If they seem reluctant to do something about it, they maybe worried about what the remedy entails. They may feel self-conscious or silly wearing a snoring device in and around their mouth. There is a popular misconception that the only option is surgery or some other radical solution. Take a look at our guide to snoring treatments where you will find several natural non invasive approaches to tackle a partner's snoring.

    One novel approach to prevent snoring is to buy your partner a device like the electronic snore stopper that they wear on their wrist. You could give it to them as a gift, for a birthday or some other celebration perhaps. (Boys love toys, especially electronic ones!)

    If they are more receptive you can try to get them to look at the long term benefits of snoring exercises or follow other links on this site to find an appropriate way to prevent snoring for themselves.

    If all else fails you can use ear plugs or a white noise generator to block out the sound. It may not be the best solution for them but if you need to get that good night sleep it maybe the only solution for you!

    Good Luck and Good Sleep!

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