Anti Snoring Pills

Anti snoring pills are a pill that you take nightly before going to bed. The general claim is they work by reducing swelling in and around the airways and reduce congestion and/or mucous secretions making it easier to breathe.

There are several types of pills for snoring on the market, the following is a best of range overview.

Dr Harris Anti Snoring Pills

Baywood’s Dr Harris Original Snore formula is a patented all natural product and they claim that the plant enzymes Protease, Amylase, Lipase and Cellulase that are contained in the formula are able to break down a wide range of substances. When taken on an empty stomach, the enzymes act to dissolve secretions including mucous, allowing the body to reabsorb them resulting in a more open and smoother airflow through the throat and nose.
Natures Sunshine SnorEase anti snoring pills SnorEase (by Natures Sunshine) is a pill that is made of all natural organic ingredients. It is a mixture of three active ingredients. Extract of immature bitter orange (fructus aurantia immaturi) containing natural synephrine that helps relieve congestion and reduce phlegm in the nasal passages. It also inhibits histamine production which can lead to narrowing of the airways. The product contains Bromelain, a food enzyme that helps break down mucus, to help keep that airways clear. And finally an ingredient the manufacturers call Coenzyme Q10 that works with the circulatory system to promote normal nighttime breathing. It appears to help with both sleep apnea and snoring.

Qnexa diet and anti snoring pills

A more recent pill is Qnexa. Biopharma company Vivus designed Qnexa not as an anti snoring pill but as a wieght loss pill. In a recent (2009) trial there was a significant reduction in sleep related problems including sleep apnea and snoring. Qnexa is a mixture of a stimulant drug called phentermine and an anti-epilepsy drug called topiramate. The only side effects reported to date are a couple of patients with kidney stones and gall stones. However phentermine is sometimes called the good half of the Wyeth diet drug Fen-Phen that caused heart trouble and topiramate is an ingredient in Johnson & Johnson’s Topomax for migraines and epilisey which also has a history of side effects. As of early 2010 this product is still awaiting FDA approval.

A more recent update on this product can be found at the following link.

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