Snoring Prevention using
Breathing Exercises

You may be wondering how breathing exercises can act as a snoring prevention. Well read on...

When we are born we don’t snore. In fact some infants make such little noise you often wonder if they are breathing at all. (Yes I’ve woken my child, just to make sure.) We are born knowing how to breathe correctly.

As we grow older we change the way we breathe in response to illness, the people and events around us and the environment. The changes over time are subtle but cumulatively they can cause our breathing to get out of balance to a point where we start to snore. Most of us are never formally taught how to breathe correctly (maybe we should be at school), so when we breathe incorrectly we don’t even know whether we're doing it right or wrong.

To make a snoring sound we need two components. One is the soft tissue of the throat that can vibrate. And the other component is the air passing over the soft tissue that makes it vibrate causing the snoring sound. If we breathe slowly and smoothly then the air doesn’t have enough energy to cause the vibration. Try it right now. Take light breaths only, and see if you can recreate your snoring sound.

Breathing exercises retrain your breathing so that it is inline with what nature intended, even while we sleep.

Snorers tend to over-breathe, in that we take big, deep, fast gulps of air with enough energy to cause the soft tissue to vibrate. Although we need a healthy amount of oxygen to heal and rejuvenate the body while we sleep, there is no need to breathe as though we have just finished an Olympic sprint race.

During waking hours it is relatively easy to control our breathing. You don’t hear people snoring while they're awake do you? And even if they did, on hearing themselves they would immediately change they way they are breathing to stop the noise (one would hope).

The volume of our snoring is directly related to the energy of the air passing the soft tissue. The amount of energy is determined by the volume and speed of each breath.

In short, the bigger and faster the breath, the louder the snore. A solution for snoring prevention is to slow down the speed and volume of each breath while still supplying enough oxygen to the body to awake in the morning, rejuvenated and refreshed!

Follow this link to print out a snoring prevention program using breathing exercises.

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